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Welcome to Tech Solar Solutions. We are big believers that solar is the future, and that now is the time to equip your home to take advantage of it. Request your free consultation today!

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Why Should You Go Solar Now?

  • Lower your electricity bill.

    Solar electricity has the power to reduce your home energy costs signficantly by replacing the majority of the energy your family uses.

  • Do your part for the environment.

    Making the switch to solar energy means decreasing your reliance on traditionally generated electricity from your utility company, which likely comes from coal.

  • The time has never been better.

    The cost of electricity has never been higher, and the cost of switching to solar is at an all time low. The time is right to make the investment for your home.

  • Government incentives available.

    The number of government incentives available are at an all time high, and we are experts in helping you to navigate through the process to getting funding.

Did You Know...

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    FACT >> Solar and wind systems have 100x the lifetime energy yield of nuclear and fossil fuel systems.

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    FACT >> Solar energy prices have decreased 4% per annum on average over the past 15 years.

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    FACT >> The Earth receives more energy from the sun in an hour than humanity uses in an entire year.